Who We Are

Our Mission

Established in 2015 our mission is to deliver well led, affordable, patient focused care to everyone who needs it. We cover events small and large  and have the knowledge and experience to ensure that all events are managed to the highest standard and our customers get the best service. 

Event Requirements

  •  We will discuss your event in detail and find out the medical resources that are required to cover it.
  • Skilled, accredited, vetted, and referenced medics available at all levels from first aiders to doctors 
  • Detailed discussion with an experienced medical event manager 
  • Evaluation of medical resources based on event size and type

Medical Cover

We arrive at your event early to setup and then cover your event throughout the day.

  • All Paramedics are HCPC Registered
  • All staff are fully inducted and trained in all event day protocols and practices 
  • Proven track record in providing preventative and remedial care


Types of Events

We cover all types of events from small inside to large outdoor events. 

Types of events covered

Charity Runs / Walks


Festivals and Fetes




Film Cover

Our Staff

Our Equipment


Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV)

Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV)



Our Ambulances are fully kitted and insured vehicle much like those used by the NHS. They can be crewed by fully qualified ambulance clinicians many of which come from NHS trusts. They can be used for patient transfers from events or as static treatment centres at events where there is no dedicated medical centre or treatment room

Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV)

Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV)

Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV)



Our RRV’s are fitted with blue lights and sirens and are used to respond to both medical and traumatic incidents at events ensuring critically ill or injured patients are got to quickly. They are kitted to paramedic level and carry everything our team require.

4x4 Vehicles

Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV)

Motorcycle Responders



Much like our RRV’s our 4x4’s are fitted with blue lights and sirens and are utilised at off road events in order to access the harder to reach locations. Our 4x4 vehicles are regularly used for motocross and multi-terrain events, but have also been used to assist the NHS with the transportation of staff during extreme weather such as snow and flooding.

Motorcycle Responders

Motorcycle Responders

Motorcycle Responders



Our  Motorcycle response unit work in areas where it can be difficult for an ambulance or a car to get through both on and off road. They are able to reach patients quickly and start to give life-saving treatment while an ambulance is on the way.

Cycle Responders

Motorcycle Responders

Cycle Responders



Our Cycle Response Team has proven very popular and has been instrumental in reaching patients at events where space or access is limited. Our CRU team are deployed at numerous events such as carnivals, off road runs, marathons and large scale public gatherings.

Medical Centre

Motorcycle Responders

Cycle Responders



Our treatment centres are fully equipped with all the equipment our team needs including power, lighting and heating (if required). It is designed to be able to deal with a variety of both non-emergency and emergency situations undercover and in private.

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